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Dachshund Rescue of St. Louis

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As of 12/20/11 - MAGGIE has found her forever home!!!!

Thank you to everyone who donated and said prayers. She will live a long and happy life because of all of you!!

UPDATE; Maggie is scheduled for surgery Wednesday 5/18/11 we still need donations in order to reach our goal. Please help if you can.

UPDATE #2 - Maggie's surgery was a success so far - she has external fixtures with 4 screws, she will have several weeks of healing time, but they anticipate a full recovery - they we able to save 9 teeth so that is good news. She had very bad dental disease and infection that needed to be cleaned up before they could do the jaw. She was in surgery about 5 hours. I will have my consult with the vet later today 5/19/11 when I pick her up. They told me she ate this morning and has not complained once of pain - she is such a trooper. I will post pictures and an update tonight after I bring her home. Stay tuned. Go Maggie!!!!!

UPDATE - 5/20/11 - Maggie is home from the hospital and resting comfortably. Dr. Ervin said that she will need to wear the brace for the next 14 weeks. ( I think it weighs more than Maggie - I sure hope she carries it well) She will be visiting him every couple of weeks for at least the first 6 weeks. She is on Rimadyl, Tramadol and Clindamycin as of right now. She is eating AD prescription food -- she does not eat very well to begin with, so this is a challenge. Please remember that we still need donations for Maggie's care which will be ongoing for several weeks - we need money for medicine and office visits for brace adjustments. You can send a check directly to Horseshoe lake Animal Hospital - care of Dachshund Rescue - Maggie. Thank you to everybody who has already donated and those who have sent lots of prayers and well wishes - all of this has helped for Maggie. I will update this as we progress with her recovery.  

June 6th, 2011 - Talked to Chrystal who kept Maggie while we were away (she is Maggie's nurse) she said she is doing well. She had her 1st official check up with Dr. Ervin last Wednesday who is very happy with her progress. She will still need to have her hardware on for the full 14 weeks, but she is already happier than she has been since in our care. Maggie can now have a little bit of hard food mixed in with her moist. She is always trying to eat something hard - good sign of recovery. We are still receiving donations and are very grateful - she is still on expensive medicines and has to be seen every 2 weeks- so keep them coming. Every little bit helps. I will be getting her back tomorrow and will give another update then -

June 13, 2011 - Well Maggie is back in surgery - her body rejected the screws and they came out so they are replacing them. I have not heard from the vet yet. I will be able to pick her up tomorrow and will give a better update then. Stayed tuned to tomorrow. This is Maggie's new device - it is made of acrylic they had to drill higher up in her jaw so it will stay in better. She is free of infection - she is still on all the same meds and Dr. Ervin still anticipates the screws being in for the original time of 14 weeks. Once again, we are begging for donations - this time in the hospital, cost Dachshund Rescue $550. If you would like to donate to Maggie's care, please send it to Horseshoe lake Animal Hospital the address is listed below, please reference Dachshund Rescue - Maggie. Or you can always click on the paypal link on this site to donate. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! for all your thoughts and prayers and donations.

August 3, 2011 - Well Maggie has all rods and her tape muzzle off - she has got a good healing on her jaw. Hopefully she will be able to get her wire taken out of her jaw soon. She is still only allowed to have soft food, but I know she is getting better because she has discovered toys - she goes crazy over them OH! and she terrorizes cats - so she will need to go to a home without cats. She is the cutest spit fire of a dachshund. She has become the almighty princess of the house. She is getting closer to being able to be adopted. She is going to make a wonderful addition to a family - hopefully someone who has kids - she loves kids!!

Please Help Maggie; She came into Dachshund rescue with a Broken Jaw that happened at the breeder's place when she kicked her out of the way during a dog fight. Instead of seeking medical attention right away, she left it go. We go her 1 month later and when the vet went to spay her, she called me and said that Maggie's jaw was broken and it has started to heal and part of the jaw was starting to rot. (I called the breeder who admitted to the fight and kick - I called the police department and animal control to report the abuse - she has been dealt with) We decided to help her and went to Horseshoe lake Animal Hospital to get her evaluated. Dr. Ervin said that it was fixable and that she could live a long life, but it will be complicated. She is only 4 yrs old and all of her teeth are rotted, so they will all have to be removed before they can even fix the jaw. Maggie has the best spirit and is the happiest dog even though she is in constant pain we simply could not euthanize her. Dr. Ervin wrapped a tape muzzle around her jaw so she would be able to tolerate the pain better - we are having to feed her watered down food through a syringe so she can get all the nutrition and medicine she needs post surgery. She only weighs 7 lbs so she needs all her nutrition. The total bill for the surgery is $972. If you can make a donation to Maggie's surgery we would really, really appreciate it. You can either click the PayPal link on the first page of this website or send payment directly to: Horseshoe lake Animal Hospital, 5230 Horseshoe lake Rd., Collinsville, Ill 62234. Even if you can only send $5, please do-- if you send it directly to the hospital - please reference Dachshund Rescue - Maggie. Thank you so much for reading her story.   


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